Friday, 1 May 2020

Chicken Tender Recipe, Easily Make at Home like Restaurant

Chicken Tenders is the world famous fast food  and it is easily available on every  fast foods shops and restaurants. We spend money and time to go to restaurant to taste this delicious food  because we don’t know how to cook chicken tenders. Today I will teach you how you can cook chicken tenders at home easily. My  Chicken Tenders Recipe is very easy to make I am sure you will like this recipe.


  • Chicken tenderloins            3 pound
  • Flour                                 1 cup
  • Eggs                                 2
  • Bread crumbs                    2 cups
  • Dried parsley                     1 spoon 
  • Salt and pepper                  according to taste


you will need 3 bowls

 Bowl 1

In bowl 1 add flour and season it with salt and pepper.

Bowl 2

Now break the eggs and add double cream into the bowl now whisk them very well to make fine mixture.

Bowl 3

In bowl 3 mix bread crumbs with dried parsley.

How to Make

  • First of all toss the chicken into first bowl and shake it well so remove the extra flour.

  • Now dip this chicken into bowl 2 to marinate egg and cream mixture.

  • Use the third bowl the bread crumbs and roll the chicken onto it and make sure it is fully covered.

  • Now fry it in a deep fryer at about 375 f or 190 degree centigrade for 6 to 10 minutes.

  • Now turning to golden brown take them out.

  • Your chicken tenders are ready .

  • Now serve with tomato ketch up.


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