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Mediterranean Chicken Recipe with Tomatoes and Green Olives | Perfect For Weeknight Dinner

Chicken breast recipe is very easy and delicious.All the ingredients are easily available in your kitchen and you do not have to go for shoping trips.Chicken breast recipe is kind of dish that you can certainly tweak to your liking. Adding a handful of spinach and parsley toward the end gives this Mediterranean chicken recipe just a little more brightness.


Boneless chicken breasts of equal size    4

Minced garlic or garlic paste                 2 table spoon
Salt and pepper                                 for taste

Dried oregano, divided                       1 tablespoon

Virgin olive oil                                    2 table spoon

Dry white wine                                   1/2 cup    

Lemon juice                                       1 table spoon

Chicken broth                                     1/2 cup 

Finely chopped red onion                     1 cup 

Diced tomatoes                                   1 1/2 cup 
Sliced green olives                                1/4 cup

Handful of fresh parsley, stems removed, chopped


Take 4 boneless chicken breasts and pat them dry,make the few slits on each side of chicken breast to house the garlic and spices.

Now spread the garlic on both side of breast and insert some of garlic into the slits.

Season the chicken breast from both side with salt,1/2 of dried  oregano and pepper.

Now take large cast iron skillet and heat 2 tablespoon of olive oil on medium high heat.

Brown the chicken from both sides.

Now add  white wine and heat it till it reduce by 1/2.

Then add lemon juice and chicken brot.

Reduce the heat to medium and sprinkle the remaining oregano on top.

Now cover the skillet with lid or with foil.

Now cook more for 10-15 minutes and make sure the internal temperature should be 165 degree f.

Turn the chicken over once.

Now uncover the top with chopped onion,olives and tomato.

Cover the lid again and cook more for only 3 minutes.

Finally add parsley and feta cheese.

It is ready to done and serve with light pasta or rice.

Note:   This is a recipe easy and quick to make, but if you want to prepare it one night in advance, you can. You will want to fully cook the chicken breasts in the skillet but do not add the toppings of tomatoes red onions etc. The next day or when u want to serve bring chicken to room temperature. Then warm it up in the skillet and add the toppings according to the recipe


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